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Pediatric Dentist in Greenwood

We want your child to feel completely comfortable at our office, so Greenwood Dental Smiles takes extra care to make sure they have a positive first experience that will lead them on a path to develop healthy habits for the rest of their lives. 

When should my child first see a dentist?

The first regular visit to our office should happen right after your child’s third birthday. This visit will likely be short and involves very little treatment.

What will my child’s first dental exam look like?

During the first visit, we may ask you to sit in the chair and hold your child while we gently examine his or her teeth and gums. Depending on your child’s age and mouth health, our dentist may want to take X-rays to monitor any decay, or apply fluoride to protect your child’s teeth. Most importantly, our team will let you know exactly how to care for his or her teeth at home as they continue to grow. 

What if my little one is nervous?

Just like the first doctor’s appointment or haircut, there will likely be some nerves. Our whole team works together to create a nurturing and comfortable environment for you and your family. Our intention is for you and your children to not only not be afraid to visit us, but to want to return and see us again!

Do you have any tips before our first visit?

We think it’s helpful for you to take your child for a “preview” of the office before the big day. That way he or she will be in a familiar place. You can also read books about going to the dentist so they know they’re just like other kids. Giving your child an overview of what they can expect will also be helpful, so they aren’t alarmed when strangers are reaching for his or her mouth. It also doesn’t hurt to talk about how positive and effortless your past dental experiences have been.

After the first visit, how can I make sure hygiene is kept up at home? 

Limiting your child’s sugar intake is a good first step to keeping their teeth healthy. Brushing regularly is also essential for preventing cavities. As much as possible, avoid sticky foods and sweet drinks and try to make their sweet treat a part of their meal. Brush time will be most effective if it’s viewed as fun. The bottom line is to make it as positive as possible, with fun songs you can sing together and maybe a reward system, if helpful. When those occasional late nights occur and your child resists brushing, avoid the fight and bring them their toothbrush without toothpaste to their bed. They can brush their teeth in bed and the habit and importance of it will be maintained.

When will my baby’s first teeth come in?

When your baby is about 6-8 months old, you’ll see the two bottom front teeth pop up first. The four upper front teeth will likely come next, and the remainder of your baby’s teeth will appear periodically until the child is about 2 1/2 years old.

When will their first permanent teeth show up?

The first permanent teeth will begin to erupt between the ages of 5 and 6. If some teeth are a few months early or late, don’t worry, all children are different.

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"I’ve been going to Dr. Gleixner for 8 years. My husband’s family has been going there for decades. Dr. Gleixner is amazing and his staff, both front and back, are incredible! I highly recommend his practice!"

Amanda I.

"Very caring and wonderful staff. My husband's been going to Dr. Gleixner, since he was 14 years old and he is now 45. He's compassionate, caring and sympathetic and does bend over backwards to help his patients. He makes you feel like he's part of your family talk to you like a human being."

Angie P.

"Dr. Mark and his staff are the greatest! They are all so genuinely happy to see me and my family. He's been my dentist for 30+ years and my whole family goes to him. Today when I brought my youngest for an early appointment filling and I hadn't had my coffee, the front desk gals fixed me right up with a cup!"

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