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Periodontal Maintenance

If you’ve been diagnosed with periodontal disease and have undergone scaling and root planing for treatment, periodontal maintenance takes the place of typical dental cleanings (prophylaxis) in your dental care routine. 

What does periodontal maintenance do?

During periodontal maintenance, all plaque and tartar is removed from above and below the gum line, all the way down the length of each tooth to where the root, gum, and bone meet. If necessary, rough areas of exposed roots are smoothed, the depth of your gum pockets are monitored, and inflamed pockets may be irrigated with antibacterial medicines if necessary.

How does periodontal maintenance differ from a regular teeth cleaning (prophylaxis)? 

While prophylaxis just addresses the dental crown (the portion of your tooth above the gum line) of your teeth during cleanings, periodontal maintenance also cares for your roots, gums, and bone. Periodontal maintenance can be thought of as cleaning and maintenance for the tissues affected by your periodontal disease. 

When would I need periodontal maintenance?

If you’ve had periodontal surgery or your periodontal disease has resulted in bleeding gums, gum “pockets” deeper than four millimeters, bone loss, or exposed root surfaces, a regular cleaning is not the right fit. Instead, periodontal maintenance scaling is needed to maintain gum and bone health.

How often should I visit Greenwood Dental Smiles for periodontal maintenance?

The frequency of periodontal maintenance depends on each individual. Based on your condition and progress, our dentists and team will determine the best treatment plan for you. The procedure is usually performed three or four times each year, depending on how quickly plaque and tartar accumulate, how much bleeding or inflammation you’re experiencing, how stable the condition is, how well you maintain hygiene at home, and any additional health risks you may have.

What do you use to treat deep pocketing?

Our office uses the topical antibiotic Arestin®” in patients experiencing deep pocketing. This medication will help to decrease the bacteria that can become lodged in the deep pockets associated with gum disease.

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